Updates Spring 2015

Spring 2015 News

We've got A LOT of news for 2015!

So keep watching this year as we expand and grow. There's more in the works that you're going to enjoy, details to come.

Summer 2014 Singles

Remixes and Collaborations

Please enjoy a sample pack of singles from 2014 RIGHT HERE:

As always, you can listen in directly from the Mix Sets Page or on SoundCloud!

*NEW* GSN (August 29, 2014)

Live Show & Broadcast

August is here... so is the latest installment of Galilean Skies and Digitized Weekly, Episode 72!

Listen in on the Mix Sets page or directly on my SoundCloud page.

There's always some new music in the works, available for you here and by using my links for Twitter, Facebook and SoundCloud (up there in the corner of my website). Keep in touch, follow the journey and experience the ride first hand!

Ableton Live Real-time Performance

In The Press

If you've ever wondered about the software we use, here is a great piece on Ableton Live and using it in "Real Time" to create music, as well as one heck of a good performance!

Ableton Live Performance in Real Time

2014 NEWS

2014 NEWS

Time Slot Changes for Live Shows

2014 NEWS

Schedule and venue changes are as follows:

Saturdays: Live (Digitized Weekly) 10pm-Midnight (UK/GMT, Daylight Standard)

Saturday & Sunday Nights: Live (Club Hax0r.Hav3n) 10pm-4am (Caribbean GMT-4)

Confused? Me too! Here's how it breaks down:

(An asterisk "*" denotes a place that observes the Daylight Savings rule)

GMT is London / UK*

Puerto Rico is GMT-4

New York is GMT-4*

Colorado is GMT-5*

California is GMT-8*

Still confused? Usually all of us are. You're not alone. Here's a link that may help out too:

Time Zone Converter

Join the party, listen in on the Mix Sets Page or on SoundCloud!

Remixes of Memories EP

Remixes and Collaborations

I can't believe your guys' incredible, incredible, just amazing response to my release with Davino on the 'Memories' EP. Reaching #2 on Beatport is just incredible. We opened at #52, jumped to the 40's and jumped again to #2


Hit me up on Twitter and tell me what you think!

Want to be featured on a future episode of Digitized Weekly?

Fri June 14, 2013

A number of fan-submitted original remixes and / or compositions will now be featured each week on the world famous Digitized Weekly!

If you would like to submit a piece of your personal work, send an email to with your:

--Working SoundCloud link to an original remix or composition
--City / State / Country / Province of residence
--Reason why you want to be featured!

If chosen, you will be notified by email with more information.

Arecibo Nights, A Trancemission - Now Available for Free Download!

Released June 2013

Milestone reached, and it was a huge one. "Arecibo Nights, A Trancemission" is ready for you guys to enjoy, download, share, and come journey with us in your own personal way; it could be with a loved one, it could be all alone, staring at the stars, that is up to you.

Come with me as I take you and hundreds of travellers directly from the lush rainforests of Arecibo's Space Observatory out into space and beyond.

In this soundtrack, you will hear my latest work and the finest chillout tracks from the best producers known to Mankind.

We return you back on a soft featherbed of Jes singing a live remix of Every Other Way, timed and mixed to the lights.

Listening to the Soundtrack is, in itself, quite an esoteric journey. Doing it in the soft, lush rainforests of Arecibo, at the very location Mankind once sent a single message into the great beyond, under the stars and with the company of so many friends comes right out in the music.

Please enjoy! I will be hosting this download on my own website as a treat for Twitter and Facebook Family members.

We're reorganizing some file structures. Please email us (using the "Contact Page" if you need a download link and it isn't available here.